(City Civil Court Order)

Whereas, it is informed to the concerned authorities and all authorities to the proceedings subject matter of the case pending before the Additional City Civil and Sessions Judge, Bengaluru (CCH 2) in O.S. No. 2249 / 2020 against authorized person/Secretary, (APMC) and others that ALL INDIA STREET VENDORS TRUST has filed a suit before the above mentioned Court concerned for having aggrieved the illegal action of above mentioned authorities (APMC) and others so involved despite the Central Government and Karnataka State Government abolished the (APMC) control over the farmers the illegal act of (APMC) continued harassing the farmers and others so involved in the farming business. In this matter the Trust has prayed the Hon’ble Court interim prayer to restrain the (APMC) authorities and others so involved through them interfering and obstructing the farmers/ vendors and others so involved. After hearing and giving ample of opportunity to the concerned authorities of (APMC), the Hon’ble Court was pleased to pass order on! A.No.1 dated 16.12.2020 as fellows:-

Who We Are

All India Street Vendors Public & Charitable Trust, AISVPCT

AISVPCT trust aim is to solve the dispute/obstructions from the anti-social elements and peaceful running of the business by the street vendors for eking their livelihood in all over India, the trustees have joined hands to form a trust for the welfare and benefit of the Street Vendors all over India.

Whereas the Author of the Trust moved by his abiding concern, true vision and inspiration backed by high knowledge and experience has set up this Trust, Which will promote the development of the needy and poor in our country especially street vendors by organizing various developmental oriented programs appropriate to the Indian conditions and also to undertake social service activities and help the needy and poor, orphan, aged, women and destitute.

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